Karolina & Anton

24. Mai 2022


Karolina & Anton are really good friends of mine.
I was so honoured when Anton asked me to photograph their engagement

We were spending the week together in Lisbon, Portugal
and we went on a beach called Adraga
She thought we were just going there to take photos.
When he asked the question it looked like something from a movie, now I don't cry often, but that moment was just a little too beautiful

I met Anton through Instagram back when we were both in our early stages of our photography career,

he messaged me on instagram asking me about what camera I was using, I saw he was from Sweden and I told him I was going there next week,

so we decided to meet up and we have been good friends ever since.

We have a mutual photographer friend in Portugal (Lourenco) who we also met through Instagram.

And when Lourenco asked me, what if she says no! it could ruin the trip!

I just told him, I've seen them together and there is not a chance she is gonna say no!

I did not take any photos of when He actually proposed, but I took a Video of it, which I'm currently working on!