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My approach and how falling in love made me better at capturing weddings


and how falling in love made me better at capturing weddings.

The Team

I met my girlfriend Yuliia at a wedding conference in Berlin in October 2023. I remember the first photo we ever had of us together, how important it meant to us, now after that when I look at my timeline of a wedding film, or a collection of photos from a wedding, I feel how important those photos and videos are for the couple, I look at it now so differently than before

My girlfriend is also a wedding photographer, we work separately and together,

you can book us together, for shooting photos and videos, or if you only want photos we offer shooting photos together,

in my opinion it is so valuable having two people shooting,

we both have our own artistic vision, and we are able to combine our strengths, and get more variety of shots.

Her work

Our Lovestory

Doug Kung


Capturing moments to remember a feeling.

I am here to capture moments of your special day, for you, capturing it as it unfolds, capturing you as you are, perfect in your own way and putting my artistic touch to it.

Every love story is special and unique in it’s own way,

My approach is to capture your special day as authentically as I can,

If it’s a big wedding with a lot of guests, where there is emotion, that’s where I run towards

if it’s a small intimate wedding, I try to make the couple feel at ease,

you enjoying the day is more important for me than getting that crazy photo on top of a cliff in the storm.

that being said, if the weather is bad I will still try to push you gently.. call it, inspire!

inspire you to get out and shoot in the rain, in the wind, whatever the weather gives us, as long as you’re up for it, I am!