If you're reading this, that must mean you wanna know more about me, so here it goes,

here's my story

I remember a long long time ago borrowing my parents camera and taking pictures of random simple things like water running from a sink, and noticing that if I change some of the settings on the camera the water stream looks different, and to me, that was incredible, that I could capture something (a picture) that looks different than it looks in real life.

Cameras have always had my attention for that reason, the reason that you can take a picture or record a video of something that's happening and will never ever happen again, but then you can view it back later on in life, it's capturing a memory in the form of pictures or videos, you're able to capture something from a vantage point that people don't normally see.

memories fade and change over time, while pictures don't.

like memories fade, sometimes hobbies do as well.

so after messing around with taking photos and making videos in 2012-2015 that hobby died, or as I like to call it, took a break.

I remember late in 2018 when I was traveling to Reykjavík from Akureyri for a weekend trip, and brought my small camera that could fit into my pocket that i've had for a few years, I started messing around with it and the settings and taking a few photos here and there, watching a few youtube videos on photography and then the day after walking to the coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee and edit some of the photos I took, that day I felt like I had a glimpse of my future and thought to my self... wow if I could do this for a living, how happy I would feel, and ever since then I became obsessed, watched probably a few thousand videos on youtube about photography, cameras, lenses, tutorials, you name it! I saved up for a few months and bought my first full frame camera that I still own and use to this day, and kept on binging on youtube videos until 2 or 3 in the morning almost every single night for a few months, and I knew that I wanted to do this for a living.